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Meet The Crew

SLEEPROCKERS (sleep-rock-ers) -verb (used with subject) DJ’s that take turntablism & party rocking to the next level….. etc (ideas?) Taking your mastered craft & applying it even if you were asleep


DJ'in has been my passion for years & many more years to come. I'm a true Turntablist at heart and always striving for perfection.


My skill set has took me to places I have never dreamed of. The experience alone is priceless. From rocking shows from the West Coast to NYC, headlining major events & festivals, worked with legendary figures, it's humbling to know where one can be at in life.


It's an everyday goal to further advance myself in this art and be a true innovator. Blending the old school techniques with new school technology, this modern artform has created my sole individuality within this evolving industry. 





DJ Nocturnal (or Christopher Jaime if you’re his mother) is a true cutter and scratcher. His skills have carried him around the country, competing, touring, studio engineering and doing radio.


Nocturnal’s often referred to as a turntablist, located deep down at the roots of hip-hop culture.He’s a member of Sacramento’s epic Sleeprockers Crew, DJ for ARG (Another Rap Group) and a pivotal component of the highly respected Sleeprockers Crew.


His unique sound knows no boundaries and his album The Benchmark is oh-so aptly titled—a true testament to the strength of the Sacramento underground hip-hop scene.


Every performance gives rise to a little turntable trickery. DJ Nocturnal’s style is dexterous and quick and willing to push hip-hop’s boundaries, taking obscure tracks and making them real and raw and relevant. 

Kwes The bess




Doc Jeezy

Doc Jeezy has been cutting up since 1999, making beats since 2001. on the producers side he has produced for indie groups with releases on root70 lounge, a japanese label and Bomb Hip hop. Jeezy was also featured on the last return of the dj vol VI from bomb hip hop.


on the dj side, Doc has done the party rock thing for a while, but recently he’s been more into abstract sample heavy sets or spinning rare groove 45′s. Alongside rocking shows with the Sleeprockers Crew. he’s known for producing boom bap as well as one of the most prolific looper creators in the Scratch scene.


Now a west coast resident, Jeezy plans on taking his production game and DJ game to new levels. Keep a close eye out for solo projects as well as brand new bangers collaborations with the rest of the crew giving you nothing but world class bangers.


His Unique style and sound are sure to keep dance floors motivated and speakers pumping with nothing but quality original content.

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