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SLEEPROCKERS (sleep-rock-ers) -verb (used with subject) DJ’s that take turntablism & party rocking to the next level….. etc (ideas?) Taking your mastered craft & applying it even if you were asleep

Sleeprockers was formed to bring the fundamentals of turntablism, party rocking, & live production to the masses. Based out of Sacramento, CA. DJ’S Rated R, Nocturnal, Mr.Vibe, Kwes the bess , Dj Wanted, & Doc Jeezy united to bring a unique sound that can be heard through their mix technique, scratch work, & crowd control. With over 30 years of combined experience they have shared many stages with world renowned musicians & DJs, toured at the national & international level, released full length albums & mixtapes, played at acclaimed venues & clubs, won multiple awards & competed in an array of DJ competitions. Matter of fact, they might have even played at your grandma’s 85th anniversary party. Anyhow, the list goes on…..

Turntablists at heart, versatility describes the 6 to their advantage. “We’re the type of djs that can adapt. It’s all about having fun in a creative way. We take our craft to new heights and we’ll still rock in our sleep….don’t sleep or get sleeprocked.


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